Hey there!

bearded nerd

My wife Jini and I wanted to be able to share our adventures with friends and family on our own terms rather than through social media.  We hope you enjoy what you see. Most of the posts are authored by Jini but I hope to chime in from time to time. As you can see from the images below I tend to change my appearance. I look forward to showing you more of our adventures.

A Few Good Pictures:

Funny 2nd Anniversary Pic


Pondering the meaning of something…


Keeping track of visions in my head


Lazy Ride Back from Farm Beach, Australia

beach drew

Freezing cold train ride in Romania

tired train drew

Ah, the care fee days of grad School

profile pic

I miss being on 2 wheels

moto drew

Red Hot Karma

mandala drew

Top of Harghita Mountain, Romania


Harghita drew

Around a fire is one of my favorite places to be…

fire gaze